Unit 6 - Finance


***3rd BLOCK - B LUNCH***

December 6:                                         

Unit 6 Review

Unit 6 Review KEY


November 27:

Budget PROJECT:   You've Graduated College......NOW WHAT?!

Budget Project Example


November 1:  

Wages Preview Packet

Unit 3 - Statistics


Project Topic HELP:   

            How does __________ affect ___________?

If you still need help determining a topic for your research project, think about the above question and fill in the blanks.


Research Project:

Statistics Project Rubric 2018

Proposal Example

Friday, October 5:

Click on the Vocabulary powerpoint (or pdf) and WRITE the definitions for each term on your paper.  The definitions must be handwritten to receive credit.  It does you NO good to print them and just read them.  You need to WRITE them and READ them smiley


                           Statistics Vocabulary ppt                                      

                           Statistics Vocabulary pdf